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Environmental and Social Impacts Assessment

ESIA is a management tool. It is an assessment of the probable impacts on environmental and human health, risks to ecological wellbeing, and changes to nature’s services that can arise due to project development.

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit (EA) entails a probe of an organisation or facility’s environmental policies and practices, to measure their state of compliance with extant laws and regulations.

Right of Way Acquisition

We understand and value the trust that is placed in our team to conduct easement negotiations on your behalf. We ensure that our agents represent your company with character and integrity during negotiations to establish the long-lasting goodwill and relationships.

Ecological and Biodiversity Studies

Sustenance of the earth’s ecosystem requires conscious maintenance of the integrity of the natural environment while engaging in developmental projects. Ensuring this balance requires good understanding of all kinds of living organisms (plants and animal species).

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We are made up of top notch expert in environmental science and engineering with years of experience to boast of. Our capabilities, initiative, integrity, creativity and commitment are our most important assets. 


Regulatory Affairs

We can advise you during your development process, ensure the generation of the best data for your registration filing, and work with you to develop the optimal regulatory strategy to fit your requirements for the overall success of your project.

GIS and Remote Sensing

We can provide Bespoke Geospatial solutions and designs, spatial analytics, cartography, and geodata management services to your esteem organization. We are also engaged in Asset Mapping and Geodatabase Management and Mapping of Topography and Relief.
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Environmental Modelling

Environmental Modelling is an important component that helps understand the natural systems and how they react to changing conditions, such as the spatial and temporal implications of the exposure/ introduction of certain substances into the ambient environment.

Environmental Sensitivity Index

Nigeria is a Coastal Country with vast natural reserve of crude oil and natural gas being explored largely off and nearshore. Exploration and mining of these resources expose and cause harm to natural/living resources. The need for Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) implementation by industrial players in the upstream oil and gas sector cannot be overemphasized. ESI is a widely used system for ranking and classifying shoreline sensitivity based on characteristics such as degree of wave energy, potential penetration of oil into the substrate, and natural oil retention times of the shore type. This type of information is crucial to mitigate the potential impact of an oil spill.

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